Parental Control with an Advanced Phone Tracker Solution

The Cell Phone Tracker captures and logs various data, including SMS messages, call history, camera usage, GPS locations, WhatsApp conversations, Facebook activities, etc.

Available for Android and IOS

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Obtain your child's device and proceed to install the tracking application on it by following the instructions provided in your user account.


Track and monitor all recorded data, including calls, GPS locations, and SMS messages in your online account

Phone Tracker - All Features

Stealth Mode

Even if your children are familiar with the operation of their devices, the cell phone tracker's invisibility feature ensures that it remains completely hidden. The parental control application obtains highly precise information while remaining undetectable by the user of the monitored Android/ iOS device.

Text Messages/Incoming Outgoing Calls

The SMS tracker enables you to capture and record each outgoing and incoming call. By utilizing the SMS tracker application, you can access and review all SMS and MMS messages sent or received by the user. Additionally, you have the capability to track and view the images contained within the MMS messages through your personal account.

GPS Tracker / Location Tracker

The GPS mobile tracker allows you to accurately determine and monitor the location of the targeted device user through your account. By utilizing Wi-Fi signals, cell towers, and GPS, the Android phone tracker tracks the whereabouts of the monitored device.

WhatsApp & Facebook Tracking

With phone tracker, you have the opportunity to read messages sent via popular mobile apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Facebook. You can monitor and archive all types of files exchanged within Facebook conversations, including photos, videos, and audio recordings.

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Take the device you wish to monitor and install the tracking app on it by following the instructions in your user account.

Android Tracker

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iPhone Tracker

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"As a business owner, safeguarding my companyʼs data is paramount. During a meeting with our investors, I was startled to discover they possessed information that should have been known only to my employees. To streamline the process of identifying the source of this leak, I sought their consent to install a monitoring app on their phones. It didnʼt take long for the results to materialize. Within just two days of installation, OverWatch successfully pinpointed the individual responsible and even unveiled deleted text messages containing our companyʼs sensitive data. Thank you."

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