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  • Seamless compatibility with Android and iOS devices
  • Access phone calls, GPS, and SMS tracking info in your user space
  • Accurate cell phone location displayed on Google Maps
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Discover the power of OverWatch, capturing every call – incoming, outgoing, and deleted, on Android or iOS. Locate with precision or archive SMS/MMS threads. Elevate your control. Try OverWatch today!

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Install our top-rated phone tracker app on the target device.

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Access your account and track all recorded data and calls from your online dashboard.

Phone Tracker - All Features

Call Tracker

OverWatch’s call tracking feature is a powerful tool that paints a complete picture of call activities, from incoming and outgoing to missed and deleted calls. It goes the extra mile by detailing call durations, timestamps, and frequency, giving you a precise understanding of call habits. Moreover, OverWatch doesn’t just scratch the surface. It provides caller names and numbers, aiding contact identification.

SMS Tracker

OverWatch’s SMS tracking, true to the saying "the proof is in the pudding," thoroughly monitors text messages. It lets you read sent and received texts and explores the target user’s social connections. An exceptional feature is real-time online access to messages, ensuring convenience. Even deleted texts and contacts are securely stored by OverWatch’s intelligent algorithm.

GPS Tracker

OverWatch’s GPS tracking is your trusted tool for monitoring your loved ones’ whereabouts in a flash. Within seconds, their location is revealed, providing peace of mind. Whether for their safety or your reassurance, this feature delivers vital information at your fingertips.

Benefits of Call, GPS, and SMS Tracking for Parents

Call Tracking

With call tracking, parents can keep tabs on their children's conversations, ensuring their safety online by knowing who they're talking to, how often, and for how long. By delving into call details, parents gain valuable insights that aid in informed decisions, ultimately contributing to a safer online atmosphere for their family.

GPS Tracking

Think of it as your real-time location compass, offering precise whereabouts of your child. GPS tracking unveils a visual map showcasing your child's real-time or recently visited places, offering invaluable insights for informed decisions, whether for family well-being or peace of mind during daily activities and outings.

SMS Monitoring

It's like having your finger on the text message heartbeat, ensuring maximum appropriateness and security for your child's data. This vigilant SMS monitoring helps parents to protect their kids against possible threats, giving them peace of mind as conversations stay safe and sound.