Free Android Keylogger

  • Meticulously captures every keystroke
  • Skillfully uncovers passwords and keywords
  • Offers intricate timestamps for activity analysis
  • Instantly notifies you of new keystrokes in real-time
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OverWatch's Android keylogger operates covertly, diligently observing designated devices, meticulously logging call history, camera use, SMS/MMS exchanges, web activity, calendar events, and interactions across various apps, including but not limited to Facebook, Viber, Telegram, Instagram, and more. It also adeptly tracks copied and pasted information for comprehensive monitoring.

Step 1

Register on our website.

Step 2

Install our top-rated phone tracker app on the target device.

Step 3

Access your account and track all recorded data and calls from your online dashboard.

Phone Tracker - All Features

Log All Keystrokes of the Target Device

No matter what your kid’s typing on their cell phone, OverWatch has got an eagle eye on every keystroke, delivering it straight to your user dashboard. We leave no stone unturned, tracking inputs across apps, web browsers, SMS, MMS, social media, and messaging apps, even catching copy-paste action. Our keylogging feature gives you the complete picture of everything unfolding on your child’s phone, ensuring you’re always aware of their Android activities.

Take Screen Snaps of Every Activity

OverWatch goes beyond, allowing you to quickly seize every screen activity on your target Android cell phone or tablet. It operates like a visual maestro, capturing each on-screen moment in a dynamic visual record, empowering you to stay informed and firmly in control of your dearest’s activities.

Why Do You Need Keylogging?

OverWatch's keylogging feature hits the nail about beefing up security and keeping tabs on things. For parents, it's a golden opportunity to keep a close eye on their children's online adventures, ensuring their safety in the digital realm. In the corporate world, the compass guides you in overseeing employee productivity and rooting out any fishy business with company resources. Plus, it's your knight in shining armor for tracking the ins and outs of your relatives, especially in safety-sensitive scenarios.

Explore OverWatch's flexible keylogging feature for unbeatable peace of mind and security!