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  • Monitor group and private chats
  • Review all media shared in private conversations
  • View each message timestamp and contact information
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OverWatch's WhatsApp tracker safeguards kids, boosts business security, and fosters responsible online behavior. Don't miss a beat in preserving privacy. Be the helping hand your loved ones need. Seize control today!

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Install our top-rated phone tracker app on the target device.

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Access your account and track all recorded data and calls from your online dashboard.

Phone Tracker - All Features

View All Media Shared in Chats

When utilizing OverWatch, users can gain a bird's-eye view of their loved ones' online activities by perusing screenshots, shared photos, and videos taken and exchanged in chats. This feature allows them to keep their ear to the ground, watching for signs of cyberbullying, sexting, and other potential dangers that might crop up in the digital world.

Easy to Navigate Interface

OverWatch boasts an easy-to-navigate interface, making tracking someone's WhatsApp activities a breeze. With a user-friendly dashboard, all the data you gather is neatly organized and easily accessible. Monitoring WhatsApp has never been this convenient, allowing you to stay informed about your loved ones' online interactions and ensure their safety. Explore your kids' WhatsApp messages and shared media files easily, all within your user dashboard.

Who Should Use WhatsApp Tracking App?

OverWatch WhatsApp tracking app seamlessly integrates an array of advantages. Parents use it as a shield to protect their children from unsuitable content, cyberbullying, and online risks. It's a productivity booster for businesses, ensuring employees stay focused on work-related conversations. Individuals and organizations elevate their security, preempting potential data breaches. Families, irrespective of distance, stay closely linked and well-informed. As a vigilant guardian, tracking unveils harmful behaviors, including drug use, sexting, or illicit activities.

OverWatch's WhatsApp tracking harmonizes safety, productivity, security, connectivity, and vigilance in a potent package. So, why not try it today?